Urban Connection

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Data Analysis and Data mining

We bring data together to analyze and discover useful patterns, which will then be used to predict trends of users behavior and help us to acquire and engage users with a larger LTV. To do so Urban Connection use a wide variety of techniques, including advanced statistics to locate patterns within the data and develop behavior hypotheses, which lead us to improve decision making. We develop, design, and update computer software and programs that segment the audience and provide real-time tracking, data analysis, and optimization

Retargeting and audience segmentation

We don´t believe all visitors are alike, for efficient targeting, segmentation its a MUST.
By audience segmentation, we are able to spot and understand the different user intent, allowing us to aggressively target users with relevant ad messages,
making the retargeting experience almost handcraft.

Real time tracking and optimization.

We use the proper tools and analytics required to analyze and troubleshoot today’s complex systems

Cross Device Targeting

We avoid a frustrating user experience and run your campaigns smoothly. Synchronizing content across multiple devices. Most of the times users start a task, such as searching for flights on their mobile devices, and then quick after switch over to desktop for booking that ideal flight.

Programmatic media buying

We automate and optimize the ad buying process in real-time.

Anti-fraud tools

We use a combination of technology (Kick Flip) and people, a traffic quality compliance team that scours data for suspicious patterns.